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Keto Diet - 1200 (1 Day)
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Keto Diet is a low carb diet, when your daily carb intake (Net Carbs) do not exceed 30 grams, which is less than 10% of your calorie intake. 30% of daily calories is filled with protein (Chicken, beef, pork, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs), and remaining 60% comes to Fats. In our diet we use healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, butter, nuts). Hydration is critical during keto diet, and you need at least 2 liters of water per day. Also for the best results you should be active, and workout daily, even 30 minutes of high intensity exercise will make difference. We advise you to google Keto diet and get maximum info about Ketosis, its benefits and risks before you start this diet.