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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I cancel or edit my order?

    If you want to cancel or edit the order, please contact us on the following number: (+995) 592 643553

  • What to do If I forgot my password?

    If you forgot the password of your account, press 'sign in', then press the link 'forgot password?' Enter your email in the relevant field. The password reset link will be sent to you there.

  • How to register?

    Click "Register" button, fill in the relevant fields and click "Register". You can go through the registration during placing the order. Your address and order details will be saved.

  • How can I order on the

    1. Join us through the easy steps of the registration

    2. Choose the desired diet and add it to the basket. If you aren't ordering for yourself only, you can create a separate basket for your friend, where you will add a diet that is selected for them.

    3. Finally, indicate the address and payment method. Press the magic button "Order" and wait :)

  • How much weight will I lose?

              Weight loss is always individual and is depended on many factors such: as age, initial weight, condition of endocrine system, metabolism, and how "honestly" you follow the diet do not cheat!

               However, in the first week, our customers approximately lose 2-3 kilograms through balanced diet, and then 0.5 to 1 kg per week. In case of dukan, at least 3 kg is decreased, and 1-1.5 kg the following weeks. Especially avoid cheat meals while this diet. When consuming non-protein food, the diet completely loses its effectiveness.

  • How can I pay?

    We offer two variations of payment. You can pay online directly on the website or at your place with the credit card. You can choose the payment details while placing the order.

  • How to choose my diet?

    We have two different ratio models, one is balanced, healthy nutrition (express, fitness, vegan), which differ with calories, 1200, 1400, 1600. The most effective is lowest-calorie express diet for women: 1200 calories. This is a meal plan you will be prescribed by a endocrinologist / dietetologist.

    On the other hand, we have protein ratio, so called Duckan diet, which is very effective for kick-starting weight loss, but this meal plan is not recommended long-term because it's not well-balanced. The "attack" comes 4 days of only protein meals (meat and dairy products) vegetables are added after the 5th day. The second week of this diet is "Cruise", which consists of 1 day protein meal next day protein + vegetables. After this two-week course, it is desirable to switch to a balanced diet.

  • How is the order delivered?

    When you order your chosen diet, we will prepare it for you the following day and deliver to the selected adress in the evening, so that you can start the diet the next morning. Full-day meal of the following day will be delivered you daily. The delivery service works after 17:00.

  • If I don't eat a certain ingredient, can you exclude them?

    Yes, we can make some modification, and you can specify it in the comment field.